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Companion Cube Tutorial [Mar. 13th, 2008|08:55 am]
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While I'm cross-posting, I might as well stick this here, for anyone interested/easier finding later on.

Companion Cube Tutorial - For use with Jetlog's Pattern


You will need:
  • Printed pattern pieces

  • Polar Fleece in three different colours: (I got about 50cm of 150cm wide of each, which was HEAPS)
    • Dark grey (if I did this again, I'd probably pick a slightly lighter dark grey)

    • Light grey

    • Baby pink

  • Matching light grey thread

  • Matching pink thread (I used more than 100m worth, meaning that I had to make an emergency trip to the craft store to buy another reel!)

  • A small amount of double-sided fusible interfacing (like for applique)
    Possibly some single sided fusible interfacing (it just helps with stability)

  • Lots of stuffing

Please excuse my terrible images. Apparently I sew and take all my images after dark *headdesk*


First you can cut out six 9.5inch square, well, squares of the dark grey. These will be the sides of your square.

Then, cut out 6 pink hearts, a little bigger than the pattern piece. Cut out 6 interfacing hearts to the right size.

Slightly too-large pink hearts with correctly sized interfacing, all ready for ironing.

Iron the interfacing to the back of the pink hearts. Trim the excess fabric down to the size of the interfacing.

Do the same with the light grey and small circles. Iron the other side of the interfacing of the hearts to the center of the light grey circles. Iron these to the center of the dark grey squares.

Hearts ironed onto trimmed circles.

Circles with hearts ironed onto the box sides.

Stitch around the outside edge of the heart and circle with the matching threads. This is to secure them a little better, but also just because it makes it look much better.

One stitched, one waiting to be stitched!

Stay stitch from the outside of the circle to each of the sides of the square.

You can iron the fusible interfacing to the back of the big squares here, so that they won't stretch as much when you sew the next bit.

Set your sewing matching to a very wide, very short stitch. Following the lines you just marked, sew (in pink) from the inside to the outside. Don't worry if they're a little rumpled or wrinkly; they should iron out fine.

One machine stitched, one just with just stitched guidelines.

Now you get to sew your box together! You can follow this arrangement (it should be the same as the cube in the game :) ) -

Leave one corner of the box open, to allow you to turn it and stuff it.

My floppy box (not yet stuffed), showing open corner.

...Now you can turn it the right way out, and stuff it loosley. Don't worry if the pink lines don't quite match up; you'll be covering them up soon!

Cut out 12 of the little rectangle-type shaped things in light grey. These you can sew to the center on the edges of the box, half of it on each face. Stuff each with a tiny bit of stuffing before you close it up.

Tabs on each edge.

Now cut out 8 of the sort of star shaped thingy of light grey. Sew each open side together, to form a little pyramid, or a cap. Also, sew a little ridge along each line on the pattern piece.

Sew these onto all 7 corners of the box, except the open corner. Stuff them before you sew them shut.

Corner caps.

Finish stuffing the box, and sew shut the open corner. Sew and stuff the last corner cap.

Your finished friend!

You're all done!
Congratulations :)

PS - Let me know if you have any corrections/improvements. I'm sure there are easier and better ways to do this, but hopefully this will allow you to make enough sense to sew your very own companion cube!

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